– born 1968 in Munich
– studies 1990 – 1992
at Lette – Verein Berlin
– since 1996 freelance photographer
office in Berlin and Munich
– specialisation in Architecture and Lighting

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General Terms and Conditions

How I work

Photography – a process of perception
The first engagement with the subject is always exciting. What are my hopes and expectations and what do I find in front of me? What is possible? What pictures will be needed?
Gradually, more and more facets come into play; from my own discoveries, from discussions with the client, site manager, residents, those who use the building – simply the people I meet while exploring. And the subject’s appearance keeps changing when seen through the viewfinder. The immediate environment, the material, the light, colours, scents, temperature – each layer of information enriches the subject and tells me its story.
The ideas of the client also play an important role – whether the subject is a museum, a shopping centre, an apartment, a lamp or a machine. All these elements combine to form an internal sketch for me, with emphasis on the aspects which crystallise out as being the most important to me for shooting the picture.
The light plays a central role and is constantly changing. Props have to be carefully chosen, and the optimal perspective must be selected. My extensive experience and specialisation helps me to quickly find and create the best picture.


Camera and workflow

I currently work in analogue, using a studio camera, as well as digital – depending on the commission and intended use of the photographs. The pictures are delivered as data on CD or via email.

I work on a calibrated monitor with sRGB or the ECI-RGB colour spectrum. HDR, retouch, composing – the post-production possibilities are enormous and contribute to my daily workflow.
The subject can be carefully teased out and accentuated with digital post-production.


Artificial and daylight. Available on site or set specifically for the shoot. The mood can be accentuated or even created from scratch, architectural space can be clarified and material given the right emphasis. The range of what I can create is expanded significantly by the use of artificial and daylight.



Fees for usage rights are based on my day rates, or follow the recommendations of the German Association of Press Photo Agencies and Picture Archives – Mittelstandsgemeinschaft für Fotomarketing (MFM). Scans of film and digital versions are billed separately.



I can also post pictures on the agency artur Architekturbilder Agentur GmbH where they are seen by a wider audience and can also be bought. Pictures which have been created in cooperation with the Picture Agency for Art, Culture and History – Bildagentur für Kunst, Kultur und Geschichte, bpk, can be bought via its homepage. Member of Freelens e.V.